Strike back self defence

Learn How To Defend Yourself And Stay Safe In Under 3 Hours

Master the skills and easy to learn moves that will help you deal with situations that threaten your safety - with confidence

……..even if you’ve never done any training in your life before!

An easy to follow video course that teaches the exact skills, knowledge and information I teach in my Krav Maga global workshops.

*Disclaimer: This is NOT your typical self defence course.

There are no complicated hard to follow techniques

There are no dramatic style over substance moves that require the fitness and agility of an athlete

These are simple but effective skills that really do work and WILL keep you safe.


This simple course was designed for women just like you.

Everyday women that just want to be safe in the street, in their homes and anywhere else they chose to be by themselves.

Without the fear of needing a buddy or companion or someone on the end of the phone because they no longer feel safe being out on their own.

I’ll share the exact information and skills that I use to teach in my classes and global workshops for women and girls across the world.

Imagine 24 hours from now when you’ll know exactly how to…

  • Protect yourself from a potential attacker and get away to safety

  • Deal with unwanted attention from a stranger and be able to deal with them assertively

  • Feel safe and confident when out for a jog, a walk or with the dog without worrying about being alone

  • Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by knowing how to act quickly and putting confident boundaries in place

But don’t just take my word for it………

“Gulshen is a powerhouse in teaching women how to protect themselves. She completely understands how it feels to be a vulnerable female and instills you with the confidence of being able to stand up and defend yourself…”

Joanne R

“I’m also a small woman and Gulshen has taught me your size doesn’t matter. What she teaches is effective and works!”

Samina M

“I wish I’d known 10 years ago what Gulshen has taught me in a few hours. My life would have been so different. I’ll never be a victim again.”

Vishali P

Here’s a quick look at some of what is included in the course:

  • Learn the art of being switched on and aware of your surroundings and how this will keep you safe

  • Discover how to use your voice as an effective self defence tool

  • Master using your hands as a powerful weapon

  • Identify a potential threat or attacker and learn how to keep them away from you

  • Learn how to use a simple kick to debilitate your attacker completely

  • Learn how to escape from a stranger grabbing you and trying to drag you away

  • Discover the tested and proven targets to strike on an attacker that will immediately stop them in their tracks

I believe every female has the right to be safe and to know how to protect herself wherever in the world she may be.

The simple skills you will learn on this course could potentially save your life.

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What others say...

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